Summit Dairy Amaize 25kg

Summit Dairy Amaize 25kgLSummit Dairy Amaize 25kgack of sodium can be a production limiting issue. It is easily fixed with salt.

Dairy Mineral Amaize is specifically designed for use with maize silage when feeding out. It contains calcium, magnesium and sodium – minerals that are essential for milk production but they are deficient in maize. Summit Dairy Mineral Amaize contain molasses for greater palatability and it also reduces dust.

Mineral Per DoseSummit Dairy Mineral Amaize
Dose Volume g/day200
NaCl (Salt) g43
Calcium (Ca) g42.5
Magnesium (Mg) g15
ApplicationMixed with maize silage when feeding out
Number of doses per 25kg bag125

Sodium and Dairy Production

Salt is lost to the cow in milk, urine, faeces, sweat and saliva. And it is not insignificant – a cow milking 20 litres/day can lose the equivalent of 35g of salt in the milk each day. Pasture can be low in sodium and bulk feeds are often deficient. The benefits of sodium supplementation have been demonstrated in NZ and overseas. A trial conducted near Rotorua by AgResearch in 1999-2000 supplemented cows with 35g/day salt and achieved a 12.8{bf7b773be7bcf1e8fa58552d0bc662854d38fa3665a8620c3d651136aad7c0ff} lift in milk production. Milk yield responses occurred immediately and continued through the trial. At the time $1 spent on salt returned $33 in extra milk.

Animals have a strong appetite for salt but individual salt needs will vary. Factors influencing needs include:

  • Sodium and chloride levels in the pasture
  • Sodium and chloride levels in the water
  • The production cycle – growth, reproduction and lactation will increase requirements
  • Temperature/humidity – sweating will increase sodium requirements
  • Potassium levels in the diet – animals will try to balance high potassium feeds with additional salt to maintain fluid balance
  • Low sodium levels in bulk feeds eg maize silage, palm kernel
Summit Dairy Mineral Amaize is a cost effective way of supplementing calcium and magnesium while providing the salt required to maintain milk production.


For details on mineral content and deficiency symptoms refer to our Summit Minerals table.

Maize Silage

Maize is a natrophobic plant – it does not take sodium into its stems and leaves. It is also short of calcium and magnesium. To get the best output from your silage a maize mineral balancer is recommended.

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