Health & Safety – December 2018

Here at Dominion Salt we are continuously looking for areas to improve Health & Safety in our work environment, and we are happy to share our learnings with contractors and customers.

Mobile plant has been identified as one of the top five safety risks within our Company.  At our Mount Maunganui and Lake Grassmere sites we are moving large volumes of product via road transport every day.   We are regularly having conversations with our freight contractors, monitoring the loading of product and behaviour of drivers and operators.  Flat deck trucks have disappeared from use in favour of taut liners. Pallets travel better in transit and drivers do not have to leave the ground to cover and secure their loads. Strapping of product ensures pallets don’t move in transit and bags remain tightly stacked. Strapping was previously not being applied consistently by carriers and this has now been addressed.

We welcome your feedback on the condition of all salt being unloaded at your sites. You can contact the sales team at [email protected]