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Paper 25kg bags
Multi layer kraft paper bag outer with liner (83u permeable tubing)

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Plastic 25kg bags
Polyethylene non transparent, white opaque

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Our Product

Since 1977, Dominion Salt has been producing Pharmaceutical grade Sodium Chloride suitable for the manufacture of applications requiring a high purity API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient). As a single product manufacturer we only make Sodium Chloride (NaCl). We have a dedicated GMP certified production line exclusively producing Pharmaceutical Sodium Chloride. We typically manufacture large production runs in order to supply single batches.

Suitable Uses:

  • Parenteral
  • Haemodialysis
  • Peritoneal dialysis and hemofiltration solutions
  • Oral rehydration salts (ORS)
  • Cleansing solutions
  • Dietary formulations
  • Infant formulations

Our High Quality, High Purity Sodium Chloride features:

  • Pyrogen – free (free from bacterial endotoxins
  • Origin material = Sea Salt
  • Extremely low insoluble (high filtration rate)
  • Extremely low heavy metals

Our Promise of Quality

The pursuit of quality has been in our veins since our founder George Skellerup established the Salt Industry in New Zealand in 1942. With a desire for excellence and an unwavering tenacity to achieve it.

Manufactured and tested to Pharmacopeia Standards.


We have continually sought quality excellence, welcoming the regular audits by customers and the issuing authorities of our certificates for Quality Systems Management and Pharmacopeia Standards. When it comes to quality, these certificates provide added assurance that quality is non-negotiable here.

Our Process

Dominion Salt is one of the few companies in the world to use fresh seawater as a base material for Pharmaceutical Grade Sodium Chloride. Seawater from the great Southern Oceans is drawn into solar salt fields in the first step of the process of manufacturing high purity Sodium Chloride.

The raw material utilises natural resources in a process that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. The raw salt is processed into pyrogen-free API-NaCl using our dedicated and highly sophisticated vacuum refinery.

Our People

Our company mission is to provide “life’s most essential mineral via the world’s safest hands”. Every day, our people demonstrate their commitment to this mission – whether they be gathering our raw material at Lake Grassmere, harvesting it during the summer with care and precision, adhering to our quality standards in all manufacturing processes, or taking responsibility for shipping our products from New Zealand to their final destination around the globe.


BEST PRODUCT SHORTEST TIME – Direct sailings and short transit to most countries

“Life’s most essential mineral in the world’s safest hands”