Summit HydroSoft Water Treatment Salt – 20kg

Recommended for Water Softeners and Swimming Pools




  • High purity sea salt
  • Large crystals to improve brine circulation
  • No additives

Summit HydroSoft salt is specifically refined and packed for water treatment.




The two types of water treatment that require clean and soluble salt with low levels of chemical impurities are:

Water Softeners and Specific Ion Removal Resins

Water softening systems remove calcium and magnesium minerals from water using a plastic resin. The resin is negatively charged, attracting positively charged calcium and magnesium minerals into the resin. To recharge the resin the system is backflushed with salt brine. As it passes through the resin the high concentration of sodium in the brine displaces the calcium and magnesium is this is flushed to waste. The regenerated resin is ready for more water to pass through it. By using different resins, excess iron in water and other specific minerals can be removed in the same way. Salt that produces very clean salt brine will minimise system and maintenance costs.

Salt Chlorine Generators

In swimming pools, chlorine generators work by passing a dilute salt solution through an electrolytic cell, generating sodium hypochlorite which kills bacteria. Salt water chlorinators provide swimming pool water that is pleasant to bathers and easy to maintain. Using clean salt will reduce the level of insoluble materials entering the filter and fewer impurities will produce cleaner water.

The best water quality results are obtained when using the cleanest salt. Summit HydroSoft is superior to Summit AgSalt Course for water treatment use.
Specific Properties Hydrosoft Agsalt Coarse
Purity, NaCl minimum 99% 98%
Crystal size 2-8mm 2-4mm
Additives No Yes (anticake)
Insoluble matter, typical 0.01% 0.015%
Recommended for:
Water softeners Yes No
Ion Removal Resins Yes No
Swimming pool salt chlorinators Yes No


  1. Chemical impurities can negatively impact the performance of water treatment systems. High purity salt reduces this risk and equipment suppliers often have strict warranty clauses around salt purity.
  2. Large crystal size allows brine to flow better within the brine tank, improving brine consistency.