Mineral Function Deficiency Symptoms
Calcium, Ca Component of bones and teeth. Required for nerve and muscle function Severe growth stunting. Dental issues
Magnesium, Mg Required by enzymes/hormones and for the nervous system Grass staggers, milk fever
Sodium, Na Maintains fluid balance, required for nerve function, maintains pH in the rumen Reduced appetite, abnormal licking, reduced production
Copper, Cu Bone growth, pigmentation, enzymes Lameness, illthrift, faded coat, poor conception rates
Selenium, Se Important in the production of anti-oxidant and functioning of the immune system Illthrift, diarrhoea, abortion, retained placenta, white muscle disease in lambs
Cobalt, Co Required for vitamin B12 production, which is important for protein metabolism Illthrift, loss of appetite, reduced milk production
Iodine, I Essential for thyroid function which controls development and metabolism Enlarged thyroid, low milk production, low reproductive efficiency, lamb mortality
Zinc, Zn Essential for enzyme systems, immunity and hoof health Reduced appetite, low growth rates; wool, hoof and horn weakness